Emil-Lenes Sirloin House for Dining in Aurora near Denver  

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REVIEWS: Emil-Lene's Sirloin House

"Emil-Lene's is a Colorado institution, where the Wild West cowboy history of cattle and hats and six-guns isn稚 just a theme, but served right up on the plate alongside the giant steaks and sides of spaghetti. There's no hitching post out front where you can tie up your Toyota, and the diners boast more bald spots than Stetsons these days. But the grub is cowtown classic and the kitchen a genuine throwback to the days when beef was always what was for dinner...
If there's any secret to this steakhouse's success, that's it. Give the people what they expect and they'll come back year after year. For decades, even. And that's just what Emil-Lene's has been doing -- giving new Colorado a taste of the old, changeless and eternal. " --Denver Westword
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"This is your last chance for steak before you take off from the Denver airport. And for some locals, it痴 the first stop on the way back into town. The place has been around for years and is basic in d馗or. Included in the dining room is a tree stump that was once alive going through the roof...The menu is recited with no written list or prices given. The steaks are big and come in many varieties. Specials differ daily: possibly duck, shrimp or lobster. Each entr馥 comes with a relish tray, soup or salad, spaghetti, potatoes and bread. Lunch offers a menu of burgers and a few steaks but usually no specials. For dessert, try a slice of homemade pie or apple crisp with a dish of old-fashioned vanilla ice cream. Casual at all times, it痴 paper napkins at lunch, cloth at dinner. Regulars know the scene and enjoy the time." --GabbyGourmet
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"Excellent Rating" - Zagat Survey, 1999 & 2000

Emil-Lene's Sirloin House  ...   16000 E. Smith Rd., Aurora, CO 80011  ... Phone 303.366.6674  ...  Fax 303.360.8886
"The Finest Steaks - Great Service - and Just Plain Fun"
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